Attendant Console whitelist

When customers want to deploy a firewall or other security feature between Attendant Console users and Compass, please be aware of the following hosts and addresses that need to be allowed.

Hostnames and IP address can be added and removed over time, so regularly check maintenance announcements, changelogs and this page for updated information. Whitelisting based on hostname is preferred.

IP addresses are documented on the page Compass IP ranges.

For all customers of the Attendant Console:

Hostname IP address(es) Remark Front-end Back-end

To resolve usernames that include a domain (

To resolve usernames that include a domain (
rest.<your Compass domain>


Compass REST API
bosh.<your Compass domain> - Compass BOSH XMPP proxy

For Vtel Operator users also add:

Hostname IP address(es) Remark Operator front-end Staging Operator front-end Proxy for Snom connection and Compass REST API and Compass BOSH XMPP proxy



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