Known issues

With developing software comes the possibility of introducing bugs. Compass is no different.

On this page we document the most impactful issues known to us.

Compass webinterface

  • No major issues in the current release.

Compass Call Queues

  • If you need a call queue to be strictly fair (first in, first out), take the following into account. When a caller is waiting and listening to just music-on-hold, they will be picked fairly (fifo). Callers listening to periodic announcements however, are not considered when picking the next caller to offer to an agent. This means when using periodic announcements, the queue is not strictly fair any more.
    A valid workaround is to incorporate the periodic announcement in the music-on-hold class, by uploading the prompts and ordering them alphabetically.


  • Clients that enforce RFC 4733 for DTMF and use the Opus codec might have issues with DTMF. Compass supports only RFC 2833.
  • On the SNOM D-series, when dismissing an incoming call by pressing the Cancel (X) button for longer than two seconds, the calling number will be permanently added to the Deny list. This might result in missed calls. Compass will report that the phone answered 'busy', but the phone won't ring or give any sign of a missed call. (SNOM Issue SCPP-5465)


  • In organisations with many users (hundreds or more) the contact list might not contain all contacts because of a platform limitation.



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