Release notes Compass

Changelog Compass 2018c

Planned release: November 2018 (Apollo), January 2019 (Venus)
Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide
Latest update: November 7th, 2018


Important changes

The version 2018c we rewrote the module we lovingly call 'Lisa'. She is the brain for everything we do with real-time information in the platform, such as queue statistics and active call lists. This rewrite fixes a lot of issues customers faced in the past, and makes future upgrades in this area far easier. Data changed in the platform is now instantly available in the presence module. No more waiting for the sync to happen.
Together with a new Lisa, we released a new JavaScript client library for the real-time Compass data: CompassJS. This new client is written in TypeScript and succeeds the current LisaApi module used in many of our products. LisaApi will not receive any further maintenance. Since we know a lot of our customer use this module, we urge you to upgrade to CompassJS as soon as possible. 
Following the phone device roadmap we added support for the Yealink SIP-T42S and SIP-T46S phones. The Yealink SIP-T46G/S can now work together with an EXP40 expansion pad to add another 40 function keys for use with BLF and speed dial. Support for the Snom D735, D7 expansion pad and Snom DECT solutions is postponed until further notice.
For organisations that have agents in multiple queues, we now allow to set the queue weight. When there are callers in multiple queues competing for agents, a call from the queue with the heaviest weight will be offered first. This comes in handy for prioritising sales over support, or emergencies over less urgent calls.
Finally, users that log in to view their My Settings page will now find the list of dialplan switches in the bottom left corner. This allows them to see and change the settings of the switches from their web browser, in addition to the mobile app and DTMF service codes.

Changes to the REST API (v2)

There have been no changes to the functionality of the REST API.


As part of the new Lisa module, we changed certain XMPP functionalities:

Company chat user

The 'company user' on XMPP chat has been removed. This user was always online on XMPP chat and could be used to send "dial” commands.
Resolution: use the Compass REST API instead.

Queue properties

The following properties of a queue have been removed from the XMPP model:
  • totalWait
  • totalCalls
  • handledCalls
  • maxWait
  • averageWait
Resolution: if you need such statistical data, manually calculate these values in your middleware code.

XMPP Actions

The (previously undocumented) XMPP "actions" are no longer supported.
This includes: `DialUser`, `DialNumber`, `SetProperty`, `QueueLogin`, `QueueLogout`.
Resolution: use the REST API to execute these commands.

Company domains

For users of a company domain, it's now only possible to connect using a 'connect host'. We no longer support XMPP connections directly to your company domain.
Resolution: use a 'connect host' (

LisaApi no longer maintained

The LisaApi client for Compass will no longer be supported. Please use CompassJS instead.

Known issues (4)

* RM-2868 Semi-attended transfer generates an extra call recording
* RM-2900 First caller waiting in a queue gets no announcement
* RM-2956 Caller ID is ~~s~~ for unattended transfers
* RM-3028 Music on Hold re-starts after every queue announcement
Please don't open support tickets for these issues.


New Features (4)

  • MR-505 Add support for Yealink SIP-T42S and SIP-T46S (#3040)
  • MR-507 Yealink EXP40 support for SIP-T46G/S (#3123)
  • MR-508 Queue weights (#3146)
  • MR-514 Add virtual switches to the ​​front page of the web interface (#3157)

Changed behaviour (10)

  • MR-436 api: fix exception type when requesting an unmapped resource type (#2936)
  • MR-483 asterisk: fix 'Sunday' audio for voicemail-listen (#3158)
  • MR-485 New Lisa
    • Fixes #2875 Company domains lost after ejabberd reload
    • Fixes #2881 Rebuild XMPP
    • Fixes #3132 Possible to subcribe XMPP pubsub on wrong domain
    • Fixes #3142 Check Ejabberd shaper settings
    • Fixes #3183 XMPP queue destroy notification omits queueId
    • Fixes #3184 XMPP event for user logout has no property update for phoneId
  • MR-496 web: sort by phone name on phone-login page 
  • MR-498 web: fix freeform removal issue (#3200)
  • MR-510 Remove Snom permission flags where possible  (#3163)
  • MR-518 Fix ringinuse (#3234)
  • MR-520 Dialplan switch edit form returns to correct page (#3226)
  • MR-522 Lisa: fix setting of timeCreated (#3240)
  • MR-529 Web fix multiupload (#3243)

Performance / stability / system administration / development (16)

  • MR-470 Remove dead code
  • MR-484 db: add index on ent_user.username (#3159)
  • MR-487 Use PHP 7's array_column() implementation
  • MR-501 Xmpp compliance
  • MR-502 Like stream_file(), wrap get_data() AGI calls to prevent error messages when the user hangs up
  • MR-503 Web dialplan ACL (#3145)
  • MR-509 Pull-only shared identity-state (#3149)
  • MR-511 Add redis (#3149)
  • MR-512 puppet: reserve API replication groups for the foreseeable future
  • MR-513 Callcontrol migration (#3150)
  • MR-515 Fix restart_icegrid script
  • MR-516 Update packages (#3174)
  • MR-517 Enable (local) JMX monitoring for iti/api/lisa
  • MR-525 Freeform XSS (#3246)
  • MR-526 Fixate on which IP the ice components request incoming connections (#3239)
  • MR-528 Ejabberd config

Changelog Compass 2018b

Released: Oktober 2018

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: September 24th, 2018


Important changes

Version 2018b includes a lot of changes, both visible and invisible.

The webinterface is restyled. The new design is much cleaner and up to date. Of course we did the same for whitelabel environments.

Documentation is now available in HTML format in Compass. The English manual is 100% complete, and the Dutch manual has been removed. The Markdown source is freely available for partners to extend, improve and re-style.

Freeform provisioning: advanced users can now add their own settings to the Snom and Yealink provisioning Compass provides.

Under the hood many of the APIs are now hosted on redundant servers to increase uptime during maintenance and to make them more resilient to outages.

The queue setting Call waiting if agent is already in a call is introduced. By default this is turned on. If you turn this off combined with Call waiting off you will be able to receive only one queue call at the same time but if somebody calls you directly, this call is put through. This also solves some issues with the following queue strategies: phone least called by this queue, phone with least calls by this queue. It also solves some issues with agent priorities.

It is now possible to check and change the current setting of dialplan switches through the new Dialplan switches page in the Dialplan menu. Also Compass now remembers the last switch setting in most cases when saving a dialplan.

Last but not least, we tested Compass with Xenosite SIP trunking which means that we can now support resellers who want to use the Xenosite platform.

Changes to the REST API (v2)

The Swagger schema for the REST API no longer contains the host URL, to make it easier for Swagger clients to build upon our API.


Several phone models have been marked deprecated in this release. See 'Notes on phone support' for details.

Support for Snom LDAP settings has been removed from the webinterface. See 'Freeform provisioning' in 'Important changes' if you want to keep using this feature.

The Compass TAPI driver is no longer supported, and is removed from the Downloads section.

Known issues (4)

* RM-2868 Semi-attended transfer generates an extra call recording
* RM-2900 First caller waiting in a queue gets no announcement
* RM-2956 Caller ID is ~~s~~ for unattended transfers
* RM-3028 Music on Hold re-starts after every queue announcement

Please don't open support tickets for these issues.

Notes on phone support

In this release a number of phone models are deprecated. This is visible with a warning when viewing the phone details, and when adding a phone to Compass a label '(deprecated)' is visible behind the phone type. Details about this change will be sent out in an announcement to resellers.

Snom has migrated their vendor provisioning service from RDS to SRAPS. This has implications for supported firmwares. Please see the Helpcenter for the latest information on supported firmwares.

The Opus codec has been enabled on Compass. Not yet available on provisioned phones such as Snom and Yealink.


New Features (7)

  • Add support for trunk-mor via Xenosite. (#3041)
  • Web redesign (#fixes #3030)
  • MR-442 Ringinuse (#2865)
  • MR-450 Control dialplan switches from the webinterface
  • MR-457 Add support for Cloudsoftphone and Opus codec (#3033, #3125)
  • MR-466 Freeform provisioning (#3100, #3137)
  • MR-473 Support Snom D712 (fixes #3038)

Changed behaviour (6)

  • MR-408 rest: destroy session after request is done
  • MR-411 Web csv info is compatible with multi-level reseller (#3016)
  • MR-425 Voicemail menu is accessible again by pressing * (star) (#2922)
  • Voicemail retention policy has been set to 31 days platform-wide
  • MR-491 Add certified working firmware for Snom D715 and D725 (#3177)
  • MR-494 Fix REST response for invalid JSON (#3193)

Performance / stability / system administration / development (44)

  • MR-396 python: log using a logger instead of stdout
  • MR-414 Fix errors for invalid IVR extensions (#2972)
  • MR-415 rest: add blacklist functionality per basedom
  • MR-416 Don't let memcached listen on udp
  • MR-418 Don't try to delete prompts from places we no longer use
  • MR-419 CallerID branches don't have a JSON attribute called 'expression'
  • MR-420 [doc] Update voicemail menu (#2867)
  • MR-424 Use Read() application instead of WaitExten() for IVR menus (#3024)
  • MR-426 Remove LDAP (#2998)
  • MR-428 Add some scripts to show number of phones per company and per pbx
  • MR-430 XMPP documentation error: queue.member -> queueMember
  • MR-434 'My settings' page used wrong password field (#3057)
  • MR-437 Batch the removal of CDR events
  • MR-439 balancer: change user agent back to 'Compass vPBX' (#3055)
  • MR-440 puppet: before starting asterisk, make sure we have remote file systems mounted (#3074)
  • MR-444 Remove the DB migrations which are deployed on all environments
  • MR-445 Ha upgrade fixes
  • MR-446 rest: don't hardcode the API host in the schema
  • MR-447 Don't trim spaces in password fields (fixes #3064)
  • MR-448 Nginx performance
  • MR-449 Remove debug logging containing sensitive information (#3085)
  • MR-451 Filter password fields in user input from the logging (fixes #3096)
  • MR-452 Remove Windows TAPI Plugin (fixes #3101)
  • MR-453 Yealink new RPS url (fixes #3104)
  • MR-455 Remove import/export functionality
  • MR-456 iti: make sure CallEventWriter reconnects (#3115)
  • MR-458 Reduce loglevel for user-dependent error condition
  • MR-459 Add script for exporting the composer dependencies
  • MR-460 Snom SRAPS (#3126)
  • MR-462 Only store entity ID in the session instead of an entire serialized model (fixes #3078, #1303)
  • MR-463 web: fix NL => EN translations by generating locale
  • MR-464 Fix translation of dialplan switches in menu
  • MR-465 Web redundancy (fixes #2090)
  • MR-467 Firmware packaging
  • MR-468 Mark phone as deprecated (#3106)
  • MR-471 clerk: set syslog program name for cdr-csv clerk
  • MR-472 web: use markdown-generated documentation in webinterface (#3029)
  • MR-474 Web test refactor
  • MR-475 HA_deploy: add instructions for doc building (#3140)
  • MR-482 DNS-to-puppet
  • MR-486 Upgrade kamailio with CVE-2018-14767 patch (#3168)
  • MR-488 Make voicemails and voicemail announcements writable for Compass group (refs #2940)
  • MR-492 Remove Felloo reseller
  • MR-497 Final documentation updates for 2018b
  • MR-506 Deprecate Snom 720 (#3106)

Changelog Compass 2018a

Released: May 2018

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: April 10th, 2018


The first major release of 2018 is all about control, stability and security. We have added Call Control for selected Snom models. This allows integrators to build seamless remote control of phones.

A lot of work has been put into Asterisk stability and reducing the number of custom patches we need to apply. We also fixed many of the bugs that customers and testers reported.

With regards to security, we have updated the supported firmware for Snom phones, and published new recommended firmware for Yealink. Also, we increased the minimum length for user passwords to 8 characters. This applies to new passwords, so please change yours if it's currently shorter than 8 characters in length.

Important changes

  • Call control, on selected Snom phones (D715, D725, 710, 720) running latest firmware
  • Updated firmware for all Snom phones
  • Support for Yealink v81 firmware
  • Passwords have to be 8 characters or longer, and cannot equal the username
  • TLS encryption is now mandatory for XMPP connections
  • Identity recording when doing BLF pickup is fixed (#2971)
  • Extra columns caller_state, callee_state in the call events API

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • Added API calls for Call Control:
    • /phone/{id}/capabilities
    • /phone/{id}/answerCall
    • /phone/{id}/holdCall
    • /phone/{id}/unholdCall
    • /user/{id}/hangupCall
    • /user/{id}/transferCall
    • /user/{id}/redirectCall
  • Added API calls for rebooting and provisioning phones:
    • /phone/{id}/reboot
    • /phone/{id}/syncSettings


No new announcements.

Known Issues (6)

  • RM-2868 Semi-attended transfer generates an extra call recording
  • RM-2893 CDRs for a (un)attended transfer of an API dial is incorrect
  • RM-2900 First caller waiting in a queue gets no announcement
  • RM-2922 When calling a voicemailbox, escaping to the administration menu does not work
  • RM-2956 Caller ID is ~~s~~ for unattended transfers
  • RM-3028 Music on Hold re-starts after every queue announcement

Please don't open support tickets for these issues.

Notes on phone support

  • Snom 821 and 870 do not support codec GSM on firmware and This may lead to issues when the codec profile used does not have an alternative codec (RM-3005)
  • Snom phones running an 8.9.3.x or higher firmware should not be manually downgraded to a version below This will break future firmware upgrades. More information is available on the Snom wiki.
  • Snom phones running firmware version 6 or 7 can no longer be updated using Compass. Follow the procedure on the Snom wiki to manually update to version 8.


New Features (1)

  • MR-407 Call Control

Changed behaviour (8)

  • MR-378 Ejabberd: force tls encryption on c2s connections
  • MR-403 Support for Yealink firmware v81 (also fixes #2851)
  • MR-404 Password validation (#3001)
  • MR-410 Asterisk: fix some corner cases for ApiSemiAttendedTransfer
  • MR-412 Update Snom firmwares, add extra provisioning defaults
  • MR-429 Allow updating Snom to firmware v10
  • When calling an external number while not allowed to do so, users no longer get an empty identity call recording email (#2905)
  • When an error occurs during queue call pickup, the error message is played in the user's language (#2986)

Performance / stability / system administration / development (20)

  • MR-355 web: refactor queue ajax code; was logging errors in certain cases
  • MR-370 puppet: don't refresh icegrid descriptor on prod machines
  • MR-380 Iti exceptions
  • MR-386 Java coverage met Jacoco
  • MR-381 Test for caller-unattended-transfer (#2956)
  • MR-388 tests: combine VoicemailLeave and VoicemailListen to one testcase
  • MR-389 Fix errors
  • MR-390 R 2017d release fixes
  • MR-391 Inherit cid to child channels (fixes #2971)
  • MR-392 Web cleanup
  • MR-395 DB: add voicemail => prompt foreign key
  • MR-397 web: fix tooltip for prompts in use (fixes #2992)
  • MR-400 ITI: fix channel sync deadlock problem (#2990)
  • MR-406 Yealink refactor
  • MR-409 Password storage (#2702)
  • MR-413 Update Asterisk to 15.3.0
  • MR-417 package updates 2018a
  • MR-427 Update XMPP documentation
  • MR-432 Update Asterisk to 15.3.0-iperity3
  • MR-433 New Yealink firmware


Changelog Compass 2017e

Released: February 2018

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: March 28th, 2018


This release adds one important feature to the API: Queue Call Pickup eg. cherry-picking. This feature allows clients to 'cherry-pick' a waiting caller from a queue and have that call offered to their phone. This works both in the case you are not an agent in that queue, or even when you are an agent.

The REST schema is upgraded to make it easier for Swagger clients to integrate with the Compass API. The interactive REST documentation has a new look and feel.

Besides that, a lot of minor bugs have been squashed.

Important changes

  • Added the feature Queue Call Pickup
  • The REST schema interface has a new appearance

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • Added new function calls to perform queue call pickup
  • Fixed the 'recording' property of identities and external numbers



Known issues (4)

  • RM-2868 Semi-attended transfer generates an extra call recording
  • RM-2893 CDRs for an (un)attended transfer of an API dial is incorrect
  • RM-2900 First caller waiting in a queue gets no announcement
  • RM-2986 Error prompt for queue call pickup is always in English

Please don't open support tickets for these issues.

Changes (Merge Requests)

New features (3)

  • MR-363 Queue Call Pickup
  • MR-372 XMPP subscribe with reseller user
  • MR-385 Add SNOM option to visually indicate Call Waiting

Changed behaviour (8)

  • MR-335 New REST schema interface
  • MR-341 web: fix mac address validation (#2826)
  • MR-342 API: take into account the 'recording' flag when determining callrecording status (#2715)
  • MR-347 voicemail mail utf8 fix
  • MR-348 web: add test and fix firmware page (#2838)
  • MR-350 web: check extension existance before creating forward (#2836)
  • MR-356 web: sanitize input before storing identity call forwards (#2848)
  • MR-394 Fix translation of visual Call Waiting option (#2975)

Performance / stability / system administration / development (22)

  • MR-336 web: remove references to root_domain; should not be used anyways
  • MR-339 asterisk: remove ',' and '=' from entity names in queuemember table
  • MR-345 balancer: revert user agent for NEC DECT phones
  • MR-346 Ha deploy improvements after r 2017c
  • MR-349 Improve sipit tests of callrecording
  • MR-351 scripts: add extra checks in check-certs script
  • MR-352 Remove SNOM m3/m9 leftovers
  • MR-357 Add nginx config to serve well-known files (for SSL domain validation)
  • MR-358 Cert updates (& automation of renewal)
  • MR-359 Remove ice ssl
  • MR-364 Rewrite ejea in python
  • MR-365 Use ruby-mysql2 for all ruby-db access
  • MR-367 puppet: fix for not cleaning up python-ice imports
  • MR-369 Styling eLive
  • MR-374 Fix AGI script for login (#2950)
  • MR-375 ITI: send events even if they are malformed, to prevent hanging Lisa calls
  • MR-379 doc: add instructions to use xmpp api with a company domain
  • MR-382 Update package pinning to the latest Ubuntu LTS versions
  • MR-383 Writecdr fixes
  • MR-387 asterisk: fix mwi message-waiting indicator
  • MR-393 iti: fix channel sync code (fixes #2978)
  • RM-2899 Some prompts for voicemail menu are incorrect

Changelog Compass 2017d

Released: November 2017

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: November 17th, 2017


In this release we updated many of the components that relate to making phone calls.

Not only did we upgrade to a newer version of Asterisk, but we removed the dependency on Freeswitch, and re-wrote the module that links Asterisk to the rest of the platform.

Important changes

  • New system prompts in Dutch and English
  • When a queue call is picked up, the other phones will stop ringing immediately
  • API dial command has the correct call events
  • API dial calls can now be transferred
  • Identity call recordings from a queue will report the correct call ID in the call recording email
  • Call recordings do not record audio while the call is on hold
  • Compass will no longer offer video codecs by default on every outgoing call. Only when a phone requests them, will they be offered to the remote party
  • Default NAT timeout changed to 25 seconds (was 45)
  • Provisioned phones that are still in state 'active' will be de-provisioned within a week for security reasons
  • All service codes (*1, et cetera) get logged in the events, but not in CDRs
  • Improved quality for call recordings
  • Possible to login user directly by dialling *1*extension*pincode#
  • Conference box now also has music 
  • Voicemail IVR menu structure changed

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • None at this time.


  • Removed service codes *74 and *84

Known issues

  • RM-2868 Semi-attended transfer generates an extra call recording
  • RM-2893 CDRs for a (un)attended transfer of an API dial is incorrect
  • RM-2899 Some prompts for voicemail menu are incorrect
  • RM-2900 First caller waiting in a queue gets no announcement

Please don't open support tickets for these issues.

Changes (Merge Requests)

New features (0)

  • None.

Changed behaviour (2)

  • MR-334 Changed NAT timeout to 25 seconds for Snom and Yealink phones
  • MR-338 Yealink source port changed from 5060 to 55060
  • Voicemail can be fast-forwarded by 5 seconds (was 1 second)
  • After a voicemail element, the dialplan will now continue
  • User-agent of PBX is now "Compass PBX", was "Canens vPBX"

Performance / stability / system administration / development (5)

  • Upgrade to Asterisk 15
  • Implement all features using Asterisk
  • Remove Freeswitch
  • Rewrite ITI
  • Preparations for WebRTC support
  • MR-330 Autodetect repo proxy
  • MR-344 Cleanup PhoneController
  • MR-353 Log all failures in external Asterisk scripts
  • MR-360 Add script for enabling/disabling PBX
  • MR-361 Add cronjob to disable manufacturer provisioning

Changelog Compass 2017c

Released: August 2017

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: August 23rd, 2017


This version of Compass focuses mainly on maintenance.

We fixed several issues identified earlier this year, and added necessary features to add more users to the platform.

Important changes

  • Resellers can now configure an address to be used as source for call recording emails and voicemail emails (for example '')
  • Provisioning for Snom M3 and M9 removed
  • MR-311 Multi-level reseller

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • Same as 2017b-2, plus:
  • Auto-fill contact field for new resellers


  • Removed Snom m3/m9 provisioning; they can still be added as 'Generic DECT' phones

Changes (Merge Requests)

New features (2)

  • MR-296, MR-314 No-reply address for reseller users
  • MR-318 Add shortcode to dpSwitch in API
  • MR-311 Multi-level reseller

Changed behaviour (8)

  • MR-285 Remove SNOM m3/m9 provisioning (RM-2634)
  • MR-303 Fix edit function keys screen for legacy phones (RM-2133)
  • MR-306 Fix cancel button when editing voicemail (RM-2799)
  • MR-308 Manuals open in a new window
  • MR-317 Fix api get/set callrecording
  • MR-320 Different ringer for internal calls on Yealink phones
  • MR-322 Auto-fill contact address for resellers created in the API (RM-2810)
  • MR-326 Fix cancel button when editing root reseller (RM-2814)

Performance / stability / system administration / development (17)

  • Changed the way companies are assigned to PBX'es (Dispatcher)
  • MR-299 Updated XMPP API documentation
  • MR-301 Refactory GUI url
  • MR-302 Web integration tests
  • MR-307 Fix CI test cases
  • MR-309 Fix ds_reload script (RM-2800)
  • MR-313 Refactor i18n regen script
  • MR-315 Gitlab MR template
  • MR-316 Add tests for info services codes to testplan
  • MR-321 PHP Static Analysis tools (RM-2807)
  • MR-325 Release scripts (RM-2804)
  • MR-328 Rewrite 'find next identity order' code
  • MR-329 Increase maximum mail size to 25 MB (RM-2816)
  • MR-330 Package sources script
  • MR-331 Fix webtests
  • MR-332 Fix kamailio pv buffer space to format large queries (RM-2819)


Changelog Compass 2017b-2

Released: July 2017

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: July 5th, 2017


Added and fixed two calls in the REST API v2.

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • The dialplan switch has been extended with the field ‘shortcode’. This can be used to reliably lookup a dialplan switch, even when its ID changed after editing a dialplan in the webinterface.
  • The setting ‘recording’ has been added to identities, and can be changed through the API.
  • The setting ‘recording’ has been fixed for external numbers.

The new fields are mandatory when patching these resources. This means you might have to update your scripts, even when you don’t use this particular field.

Changes (Merge Requests)

New features (1)

  • MR-318 Add 'shortcode' to dialplan switch in API

Changed behaviour (1)

  • MR-317 Fixed get/set callrecording on identities and externalNumbers


Changelog Compass 2017b

Released: June 2017

Compiled by: Matthias van der Heide

Latest update: June 14th, 2017


In this update of Compass we lay the groundwork for an exciting new feature: multiple trunk support. Since the beginning of Compass we have supported only one specific trunking method. This made it a challenge to connect to different trunk providers.

In addition we fixed some bugs in the webinterface, cleaned up old code and updated many software packages to their newest version.

New features

  • Basic support for multiple trunks; this is visible to resellers only

Important changes

There are no important changes in external behaviour in this version of Compass.

Changes to the REST API (v2)

  • New calls added to support trunking


  • REST API version 1 will be deprecated in an upcoming update. Users of this API version are advised to:
    • Start using versioning headers in their HTTP requests. See the API documentation in Compass for details.
    • Upgrade their software to use API version 2.

Changes (Merge Requests)

New features (1)

  • MR-218 Multiple trunk support

Changed behaviour (2)

  • MR-275 Fix add phone bug (RM-2756)
  • MR-295 Fix phone statistics AC check

Performance / stability / system administration / development (13)

  • MR-264 Remove Clair specific code
  • MR-279 [tests] Sipit improvements
  • MR-280 [web] Update sox invocation
  • MR-282 [web] Cleanup web directory
  • MR-286 Daily proxy restart
  • MR-287 [clerk] Clerk loglevel
  • MR-288 Update XMPP documentation
  • MR-291 Update XMPP documentation
  • MR-292 Update XMPP documentation
  • MR-293 Optimize prunecdrs script to reduce memory usage
  • MR-297 [api] Refactor getFullResource function
  • MR-304 Upgrade docker (RM-2709)
  • MR-305 Package pinning update


Changelog Compass 2017a (Dutch)

Geplande release: 3 mei 2017

Opgesteld door: Matthias van der Heide

Laatst gewijzigd: 13 april 2017


De afgelopen maanden is hard gewerkt aan het Compass platform. De ervaringen die we hebben opgedaan met het Ubuntu operating system hebben we verwerkt in diverse verbeteringen op het vlak van performance en stabiliteit.

Nieuwe features

  • Toestelstatistieken: krijg gemakkelijk inzicht in de gebruikte toestellen (merken, modellen, firmwares)
  • E-mailnotificaties van voicemails zijn nu ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar
  • Ondersteuning voor WebSockets toegevoegd

Belangrijke wijzigingen

  • Bij CDR-events is de kolomvolgorde aangepast
  • Het is niet meer mogelijk toestellen van het type Snom M3/M9 toe te voegen
  • Wachtmuziek wordt afgespeeld in alfabetische volgorde in plaats van willekeurig
  • De naam van een company of reseller hoeft niet meer uniek te zijn

Wijzigingen in de REST API (v2)

  • De namen van entities (user, company, reseller) kunnen gewijzigd worden (MR-274)
  • Bij een reseller kan een lijst van companies opgevraagd worden (MR-217)
  • Van de rootreseller kan een lijst met resellers opgevraagd worden (MR-217)
  • Bij een reseller kan een lijst met resellergebruikers opgevraagd worden (MR-217)
  • Op plekken waar een optionele parameter meegegeven kan worden (bijvoorbeeld cli in /company/{id}/createUser) mag nu zowel null als een lege string ('') worden meegegeven (MR-246)
  • Wanneer ten onrechte null als invoer wordt gegeven, retourneert de REST API voortaan HTTP-error 400 in plaats van 500 (MR-253)
  • Documentatie-aanpassing: /user/lookup geeft een redirect naar een user terug in plaats van de user zelf

Changes (Merge Requests)

Nieuwe features (4)

  • MR-214 [web] Phonestats
  • MR-227 [puppet] NTP setting
  • MR-260 [web] Voicemail mailtaal
  • MR-266 [uc] Ejabberd websockets

Gewijzigd gedrag (24)

  • MR-183 [web] Fix #2607 by implementing custom email/hostname validators (RM-2607)
  • MR-184 [web] External nummers sortering (RM-2569)
  • MR-193 [web] Edit identity notice en error. (RM-2637)
  • MR-199 [web] URL trailing slash fix (RM-2653)
  • MR-203 [web] Nginx Gzip
  • MR-206 [web] Remove m3/m9 from list in webinterface
  • MR-217 [api] ResellerOps wijzigingen
  • MR-219 [rest] REST docs updated (RM-2686)
  • MR-220 [web] Taal bij company/reseller weergeven
  • MR-223 [web] Web access control (RM-2401, RM-2408)
  • MR-224 [web] Email resellers (RM-2680)
  • MR-234 [web] hide cdr link for resellers
  • MR-235 [web] web acl navigatie (RM-2602)
  • MR-245 [clerk] fix kolomvolgorde (RM-2716)
  • MR-246 [rest] Rest HTTP null proxy (RM-2563)
  • MR-248 [web] Sip domein niet meer aanpasbaar door resellers (RM-2614)
  • MR-253 [api] api null checks
  • MR-265 [api] Fix api enrich for reseller sip domain
  • MR-268 [api] Uniqueness van company full name
  • MR-271 [web] menu items
  • MR-272 [pbx] wachtmuziek afspelen op alfabetische volgorde
  • MR-273 [web] vertaling organisaties (RM-2742)
  • MR-274 [api] Modify company fullname
  • MR-289 [web] Email hostname validation

Performance / stabiliteit / systeembeheer / development (40)

  • MR-176 [uc] Lisa nullpointer exceptions
  • MR-179 [api] api-enum-fixes
  • MR-180 Daemon timeout fix
  • MR-194 Enable coredumps on icegridnode
  • MR-202 PHP notices op staging
  • MR-204 cmpd query bugfix
  • MR-205 Lisa Gradle
  • MR-208 Loadtests
  • MR-213 docker subnet
  • MR-215 Freeswitch logging
  • MR-216 cmpd herstartgedrag
  • MR-221 [api] API delete moh/did
  • MR-222 Java 8
  • MR-225 Fix puppet warnings
  • MR-226 [api] API for RM-2667
  • MR-228 crmSync actie verwijderen uit Compass Ubuntu (cleanup)
  • MR-229 Jooq update
  • MR-231 API Standalone
  • MR-232 refactor initdb voor tests
  • MR-236 [api] API multithreaded
  • MR-243 [rest] rest logging start of request
  • MR-249 [api] API Database connection pools
  • MR-250 [uc] Lisa NPE
  • MR-252 [web] Verwijder Apache
  • MR-254 [web] Remove pdf symlinks
  • MR-256 [web] Phone 404
  • MR-257 ds_reload script
  • MR-258 [web] Webinterface cleanup
  • MR-259 [web] Franse vertaling verwijderd
  • MR-261 Lisa-sync bij import
  • MR-269 [web] Voicemail controller refactoring
  • Styling naar IPerity Roze (geen MR)
  • MR-277 Asterisk ami stats user
  • MR-278 Systemd
  • MR-281 Hotfixes true voor import
  • MR-283 [web] CSS fix
  • MR-284 Kamailio stats
  • MR-290 Increase Kamailio private memory
  • MR-291, MR-292 [web] XMPP Documentatie
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