Outlook TAPI

Install and configure the TAPI driver

  1. Download the TAPI driver from Compass: https://www.demo.iperity.com/media/download/hosted-tapi–19.exe
  2. Install the TAPI driver
  3. Go to Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options -> advanced tab and add the Tapi driver
  4. Set the driver as follows:
    1. User: [compass username] @ demo.iperity.com (eg janjanssen@demo.iperity.com). So without uc. as subdomain
    2. Password: [your compass password]
    3. Then click on Check:

      1. When set correctly the TAPI says “State Connected”

      2. When the TAPI says “State Error” the username or password is incorrect; contact your dealer.

Customize the Outlook ribbon

  1. Go to File and then Options
  2. Go to Adjust Ribbon
  3. Create under the contacts start menu, a new group and name it ‘call’
  4. Add a new command button in this group. (this command is available under commands that are not on the ribbon)
  5. Click OK


  1. Under contacts you now have a large call button. You can click on it if you have selected a contactcard.
  2. If the phones does not ring, click Choose>Dialoptions.
  3. At the bottom of an option window “Connecting line” is visble. Choose from the menu choice "TAPI”.
  4. Click OK and try again

Credits: Thijs Boin (thijsboin.nl)


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