Example configuration

With these three zaps, you ensure that before a google calendar event a Compass virtual switch is activated and that after the event it’s put back. In this way you can inform the caller that you are in a meeting.


Zap 1: Creates an event (at the end of your real appointment) on a separate Google calendar that will trigger an event email which is fed into a parser in zap 2 & 3, which will put back the switch.

Zap 2 & 3: The triggers for Zap 2 and 3 are email parser apps from zapier. Which triggers the switch as soon as it detects an incoming email from the Google calendar notification service.

Email parser: This email is sent by the reminder service of Google Calendar (Look at the calendar settings to turn it on). These pass through the inbox with a filter, so you’re not getting a notification. Below an example of the filter configuration:


Please note: set your reminder emails to send one minute in advance and your regular reminders 5 minutes in advance, by doing this you ensure the timing is right. The editor can be found and activated via the link below:


Zap1.png Zap2.png Zap3.png


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