Twinning (workaround)

Twinning is the ringing of multiple phones (from one user) at once. For example a fixed desk phone and a mobile phone. Below step by step instructions how to use this in Compass.

  1. Create a 2nd identity for a user. In the user settings, click on “Add Identity”
  2. The 2nd identity must send an outbound number. Select the outgoing number in the dropdown menu.
  3. Create a new queue and select the 1st and 2nd identity from that user as queue members.
  4. Tick the checkbox with the 2nd identity, ‘follow call forward’
  5. Go to user settings of that user and fill in their mobile number in call forward ‘always’.

Once the queue is called identity 1 and 2 will ring. Identity 2 is directly forwarded to a mobile number. Make sure the queue ring time is set correctly, as a forward usually takes 5–7 seconds until the phone rings.

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