Nesting (macro's)

Forwards to nested dialplans

In some cases it is usefull to reuse pieces of a dialplan. In many cases, it is also useful to keep the main dialplan short.

Both can be done by means of some sort of Macro. It is nothing more than a forward to a dialplan from an internal number, with a specific dialplan in it. When a call has gone through all elements in this dialplan, the call will revert to the parent dialplan were it was originating from.

The main dialplan can be defined as the dialplan were the call was originally placed to (can be both an internal or external number)

By using a froward to a dialplan you are actually nesting another dialplan into the dialplan

Example: Opening hours & Holidays

For every holiday an extra condition is made in the time based routing and a similar series of prompts as the other conditions is used.

opening-fw.png   holidays-fw.png
tbr1.png tbr2.png tbr-holiday.png
Opening hours incl. urgent breakout Support Service
tbr-urgent.png service.png
This dialplan has the same structure as the previous opening hours dialplan but with the possibility to choose, when it is urgent to call the support service. The support service dialplan consists of a virtual switch with al the members in it. In this way the memebers can switch to the person who is in service at the moment.

Steps to create a nested dialplan

  1. Create an internal number which is different from the number sequence that is used for personal extensions.
  2. Make in this internal number a dialplan with all required elements. In this case a time based routing branch with prompts for setting up the holidays.
  3. Save the dialplan and go back to the menu woth call forwards.
  4. Create a call forward. For the number, use the internal number in which you just created the special dialplan. The ring time does not really matter, since the dialplan inmediately answers the call. The internal number, which is optional, may be left blank because we already made that.
  5. The created forward has become the macro/nested dialplan. Go to the main dialplan and drag the element of this forward on the spot where the nested dialpl must be active. After this element, the holidays are filtered out and calls will follow to the next elements of this dialplan.

Settings for time based routing

tbr-night.png tbr-nyd.png
The night runs from 00:00 to 06:00 hours. From Monday - Friday. The other times (morning, afternoon, evening and after working hours) are set according to the same model. Only the weekend is set from 00:00 to 00:00 hours on days Saturday - Sunday. The holiday is not time or weekday specific. It only sets the day of the month and the month itself. If there are multilple holidays following up such as Christmas, then you can set a range with the slider.


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