When a user is created the voicemailbox isn’t created. It is therefore necessary to separately create one and link it to a user.

To create a voicemailbox go to: Manage> Dialplan> Voicemail> Add voice mailbox.
To link a voicemailbox to a user: Users> Users> User name (not the pencil)> pencil next to the extension.

  • If the voicemailbox is not linked (to a user), the call forward to 1233 (voicemail number) has no effect, because the user has no voicemailbox linked.
  • The voicemailbox can be used as an element in a dialplan.
  • If a voicemailbox is linked to a user, calling to 1233 by the user can be used to listen to voicemails.
  • It is important to note that if a dialplan ends after a voicemailbox, that the element ‘hang up’ is used. Otherwise it could happen that a call is not properly ended.

Announcement method 1

The announcement of a mailbox is set at a default systemprompt called “Standard”. This systemprompt can be replaced only by calling 1233 (with the user whose systemprompt must be chnaged) Note: even though the user has recorded a personal announcement, the user interface remains displaying the standard selection in the dropdown menu.

Announcement method 2

There may be, instead of a systemprompt (or user-recorded prompt) also be chosen for an already existing Prompt. This should then be first be uploaded to Compass. This is the preferred method when the administrator configures the voice mailbox per user.

Announcement method 3

Another way is to use a prompt with an empty audio file. If the voice mailbox is called, there will be no announcement. This is useful if it is a general (company wide) voice mailbox that is used in different dialplans, for which different voicemail announcements are required. Hereby you can drag a prompt element before the voicemail element in the dialplan.

In this way, it is not necessary to create a new voicemailbox for each dialplan. It is important that the voicemailbox is not linked to a user since there is no announcement being played.

Best practices voicemail

Users set up their own voicemail

If it is desired that colleagues can leave voice messages to each other, create and link a mailbox for each user. Then anyone can record his own announcement by calling 1233. (notification method 1). The use can be stimulated by showing that people can set up their personal call forward to their own voicemailbox.

Administrators set up voicemail

An alternative method is that each user get a personal voicemailbox, which is dragged as an element into the dialplan of the users direct internal and external number. A seperate (generic) announcement prompt will be dragged in the dialplan before this voicemailbox element.

The advantage of this is that people do not have to set up their personal call forwards and voicemailbox. The administrator can do this.

Company wide voicemailbox for 1 organisation

With one organization (and one dialplan). Use Method 3.

Company wide voicemailbox for >1 organisation

With multiple organizations (and therefore multiple dialplans). Use method 3 announcement.



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