Click-to-Call for Chrome

Using the Google Chrome plugin it’s easy to add click to call functionality to your browser.

Download the plugin here:

Setting up IPerity Click-to-Call for Google Chrome

  1. Install the plugin using the link above
  2. Click the plugin icon in the browser menu bar and select 'Options' (Opties).
  3. In the User Settings page that opens, enter the following fields:
    • Username: your Compass username
    • Server: the URL of the Compass environment you use (for instance '', without the 'www')
    • Password: your Compass password
  4. Click 'Test your user data' to verify all fields are filled in correctly.
  5. If the message 'Your username and password have been verified.' appears, click 'Save'.

You are now ready to use Click-to-Call from any webpage.



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    Telecom Services

    The link firefox is not working.

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