Methods of Reachability

There are several ways in which the availability of people in a dial plan can be determined. The following options are possible therein.

To enforce company/department wide actions or reachability, it is not advised to be dependend on user actions, suchs as logging in/out of queue’s or phones. Instead use a method which can be centrally managed, such as virtual switches.


  • Ensure that a transferred call with ’# to accept "is set, otherwise when rejecting a call it isn’t possible to make use of the Compass dialplan or voicemail. The call will be answered by the mobile voicemailbox, which is in many situations is undesirable because it is meant for private use.
  • Let people sign out of a queue when they go out of the office. This can be easily done with the Compass app. Otherwise, when call forward is enabled, users will be bombarded with calls from the queue. Rejecting calls from queue’s doesn’t have an effect because, the queue will offer the call again, until somebody has taken it. Disabling queue call forward can prevent this.
  • If a user forgets to turn off DND on a deskphone, this can be undone if the user logs on another device or by setting an ‘Always’ forward.
  • When changing and saving an existing dialplan existing and new virtual switches will be reset to position 1.
  • When a user logs out additional identities are also logged out.


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