When using personal forwards

The ringtime which can be set at the users personal forwards, only relates to the time a voip phone rings. This therefore does not relate to the ringing time when Compass does a call forward. The ringing time when forwarding is unlimited; that is to say, until a phone/system behind that number picks up.

In a queue

If the feature queue call forward is activated, it is important to take this into account in the queue ring time. Setting up a GSM call usually takes between 5–7 seconds. If “# to accept” is also activated,it takes another five seconds. Letting a phone ring one time takes around three seconds.

Example: The call from the queue should ring about 4 times on a mobile phone with ‘# to accept’ enabled. The queue ring time should then be set to a minimum of: 7 + 5 + (4 * 3) = 24 seconds.

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