Call park (workaround)

The standard Asterisk implementation.

In most asterisk machines call park is a standard feature. In compass we support it via a work around, that has almost the same ease of use.

How it works in Asterisk: While in a conversation, initiate a transfer, then dial 700. Asterisk will now announce the parking extension, most probably 701 or 702. Now hang up – the caller will be left on hold at the announced extension. Walk up to a different phone, dial 701 and- the conversation can be continued. If a caller has been parked for a longer time than the specified time limit then Asterisk will again ring the originally dialed extension.

The Compass Call Park implementation


To use call park, administrators need to setup a few things.

  1. Create a queue with the name ‘On-Hold’ and with the following properties: Possibility to connect to queue without agents, Yes. Remove callers from queue without agents, No. Add a queue shortcode (for example 333). Set the elapsed ringtime to 5 seconds.
  2. Create an internal number (for example 3001) and add the ‘On-Hold’ queue you just created.
  3. Add a speeddial to all phones to login to queues. This can be done manually or via provisioning. The speeddeial number is 48333#.

How to park the call

  1. While in a conversation, just unattend forward the call to the internal number were the queue is in, in this example: 3001.
  2. Now hang up – the caller will be left on hold at the extension you forwarded the call to. And log out your phone with *1.
  3. Go to the phone you want to pick up the call and log in with *1. After that, call the speeddial number to become a member of the queue.
  4. Within 5 seconds you get the call.
  5. After you hung up, call the speeddial again to logout of the queue.


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