Queue position takeover (workaround)

Bug description

A caller is in a Compass queue,

AND have ‘Periodic Announcements’ enabled
AND the periodic announecement is spoken out to the waiting caller,
AND at the same time a new agent becomes available
AND a new caller is entering this queue,

While the existing caller hears the ‘Periodic Announcement’, the new caller is immediately presented to the agent that just became available.

The new caller directly get’s an available agent while the existing caller who is already waiting longer isn’t presented to the agent and still has to wait.


Disable ‘periodic announcement’.
Use the music on hold functionality to play the music on hold with the periodic announcement embedded in the music.

Embed the Periodic Announcements with Audacity

Download the latest Audacity software here.

Open your queue music file in audacity

  1. Open your periodic announcements as well in a seperate audacity window.
  2. Copy the periodic announcements and paste it in the window of your queue music file.
  3. It will load as a second track underneith your queue music file and looks similar like the picture below

  4. Mute the audio on the part were the annoucement is, by selecting that part and click on: Effects>Automatic mute

  5. Repeat the previous step for all the announcement throughout the music on hold track. After finishing, it looks like this:

  6. Now save the file as wav or mp3.



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