Queue pause setting

For who is this usefull

The pause setting is used in call centers for company’s who do advanced reporting of their agent performance. This setting then can be used when they need time to administrate their phone calls and don’t want to be disturbed by new calls.

Why not log out?

You might think, if they need time, while they don’t wan’t new calls, why not just log out?

If agent’s do that, the reports aren’t able to tell wether the agents were on duty or just on duty but busy with other taks than calling.

How to use pause in a empty queue?

For nearly empty or empty queue’s, a setting called ‘a’ could be important. With ‘a’ there are three options to choose from.

When choosing setting ‘2’ compass prevents that the caller is moved to the next element in the dialplan in case there is only one agent available who is in the pause mode.

This is espcially usefull in situations were an emergcy queue is placed right after the normal queue. You don’t want callers go to the emergency queue while an agent is available but working on the previous call (in pause mode).


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