Explanantion of different dialplan possibilities

Dialplan Elements

Element Description
frederique.png Call a user. User specific forwards are defined in the user settings
timebasedrouting.png Route calls based on time and/or day
numberrecognition.png Recoginze a number based on a regex pattern and route accordingly
IVR.png Route calls based on menu choices
dialplanswitch.png Create different routes for different dialplan settings, which can be changed by the mobile app and by dialing star codes
soundprompt.png Play a prompt to the caller
queue.png Route calls to a location were callers can wait before their call is being answered
prefix.png Place text before the displayed number for incoming calls
busy.png Play a busy tone to the caller
endcall.png Terminate a call
conferencebox.png Route calls to a conference box were multiple people can be added
callforward.png Forward calls to a predefined number

Possible user errors

Problem Result
User forgets to set a number in their unavailable and no answer call forwards. Calls aren’t automatically forwarded, when the softphone is disabled or the desk phone isn’t answered.
User forgets to login on queue. Calls from queue cannot be received.
Callforward is enabled without # to accept. No control over incoming calls, because some calls are answered by the voicemail of the mobile number.
User forgets to disable DND on a desk phone. No single call is coming through and no calls are being forwarded.
User enables DND on smartphone but not on softphone Softphone keeps ringing until timeout, resulting in a longer waiting time for the caller.


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