Setting up Compass Softphone

Please make sure your user has downloaded the Cloud Softphone app from the iOS or Android play store. The links for your app can be found in the Cloud Softphone portal main dashboard.

Add a new Compass Softphone to Compass

  1. Create a new phone in Compass by going to Manage > Phones > Add phone.
  2. Choose Compass Softphone as phone model and use a descriptive name.
  3. If created successfully, open the status page of the newly created phone by clicking on the name in the list of added phones.

If provisioning QR codes are enabled for your Compass company, users will be able to set up Compass Softphone by scanning the QR code on the status page with the Cloud Softphone app. It's also possible to manually set up the app:

Set up by scanning a QR code

  1. Provide the provisioning QR code as displayed on the status page of the phone to your user.
    WARNING: This code contains the password of the SIP account for this phone, amongst other things.
  2. The user can scan the QR code with their Cloud Softphone app.
    Other QR code scanners are not supported.
  3. After scanning, two things happen: the app will be set up with the correct settings. And the app will be logged in, into this phone.

Manual set up

  1. Fill in the Cloud ID of your application (as found in the Cloud Softphone dashboard) on the login screen of your Android or iOS device. Leave the password blank.
  2. Tap on sign in.
  3. After signing in, the app will be set up with the correct settings, but it won't have SIP account details yet.
  4. Now use the SIP account credentials from the status page of the phone in Compass to login.




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